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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Student bodies seek clarification from BJP over UKLF's claim that it backed party in 2017 polls
Imphal |Saturday, 2023 12:21:11 PM IST

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Six student and youth organisations on Friday sought a clarification from the BJP's central leadership about the claim made by militant outfit United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) that the outlawed group had backed BJP candidates in the 2017 assembly elections.

The organisations, in a joint statement said that it could be possible that the Kuki militants supported the BJP during the 2017 election after getting an assurance that their demand of a separate administration (equivalent of a separate state) could be considered.

"If this is true, then the Government of India is playing divide and rule in Manipur. It is time for the people to fight against the Government of India's divide and rule policy. We demand the central BJP leadership to clarify its stand on the claims made by the UKLF. Otherwise, the people will boycott the BJP and root out the party from the soil of Manipur," the statement said.

They also urged the Election Commission of India to take appropriate action on the claim made by the UKLF.

The statement said that what made the people unhappy is that the Kuki militants are openly violating the ground rules of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement (signed on August 22, 2008) and the government has not done anything.

"Ten Kuki MLAs, seven are from the ruling BJP have openly supported the Kuki militants' demand for a separate administration or Kukiland. Why is the central BJP not trying to find a solution through these MLAs? Why is the state BJP not taking any action against these 10 MLAs till today? Amidst all these, the open support given by some para-military forces to Kuki militants led to the suspicion on the role of the Government of India," the statement said.

The organisations said that these ten Kuki MLAs were financed and backed by Kuki militants during the election to further their demands and said that as this has come out in the open, why shouldn't action be initiated against these MLAs.

They demanded that the remaining 50 MLAs should go to Delhi and raise their voice against the Kuki militants.

"The 50 MLAs should demand the Centre to abrogate the SoO agreement. We also appeal to the 50 MLAs to work unitedly forgetting their past differences. If they continue to think that their personal agenda is more important than Manipur's collective goal, then people may not hesitate to teach them a befitting lesson," the statement said.

It said that all the 50 MLAs should warn the Centre that they will resign and join hands with the people if the Government of India does not protect the state's territorial integrity and abrogate the SoO agreement. If any MLA or minister fails to do it, the people of Manipur will take a decision to throw them out of the state.

"Despite the deployment of 40,000 additional troops in Manipur, the government could not stop the Kuki militants from attacking the innocent Meetei villagers. It is also found that some of the security personnel are openly siding with Kuki militants while some others indulged in unwanted incidents. All these led to common people losing faith in the security forces. Despite many deaths and the violence continuing for over one month, the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being questioned by many. People feel that the Centre simply does not care about the state," the statement said.

The six organisations include the All Manipur Students' Union, Manipuri Students' Federation, Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur, Kangleipak Students' Association, Students' Union of Kangleipak and Apunba Ireipakki Maheiroi Sinpang Lup.

--IANS sc/dan/bg

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2023-06-16-19:16:02 (IANS)


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