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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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PTI moves global fora for support against political 'victimisation'
Islamabad |Sunday, 2023 3:45:08 AM IST

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The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has approached the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and other global fora against the "political victimisation, assassination attempts and attacks on the party", media reports said.

The letter has been written by Asad Qaiser, former National Assembly Speaker, as he felt that it was his responsibility to inform the various fora of the world about the "illegal policies and severe violations" of human rights by this "fascist government", Geo News reported.

In his letter, the former Speaker has urged the global fora to take "urgent notice" of the situation and "play your role in protecting the people of Pakistan from the monster of political genocide, the annihilation of democracy and mayhem", Geo News reported.

Informing the global fora that the PTI is the most popular political party in Pakistan, Qaiser told the IPU that after heavy political horse-trading in "peculiar" political circumstances, the party resigned from the Parliament to get a fresh mandate from the people of Pakistan.

He claimed that despite being in an "oppressed opposition", the PTI has won 30 out of the 37 by-elections with more than a 50 per cent margin against 12 political parties, which are part of the coalition government, Geo News reported.

He went on to add that a "fake criminal complaint" was filed against Imran Khan to force his way out of politics. This was followed by a "coordinated assassination attempt" on the life of Khan, wherein he sustained multiple bullet wounds and fractures along with 11 others who were injured, while one passerby was killed.

--IANS san/arm

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2023-03-25-21:40:04 (IANS)


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