Israeli army discovers 10 Km tunnel under Gaza hospital and university

Middle East | February 27, 2024 12:26:07 AM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], February 26 (ANI/TPS): Israeli soldiers discovered a massive tunnel 10 km in length that passed beneath a Gaza hospital and university, the Israel Defense Forces said on Monday.

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Soldiers uncover booby-trapped tunnel in Jenin refugee camp

Middle East | February 13, 2024 10:24:40 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], February 13 (ANI/TPS): Israeli security forces arrested 18 wanted Palestinian terror suspects during counterterror raids in Judea and Samaria on Monday night, the Israel Defense For

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Tunnel used by senior Hamas figures, hostages found in Khan Yunis

Middle East | February 8, 2024 12:24:17 AM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], February 7 (ANI/TPS): Israeli special forces raided a Khan Yunis tunnel used to shelter senior Hamas figures and hold hostages, the Israel Defence Forces announced on Wednesday.

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Israeli brigade leaves Gaza after dismantling 70 tunnels

Middle East | February 2, 2024 2:25:24 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], February 2 (ANI/TPS): In the last two months, soldiers from the 55th Brigade have dismantled 70 tunnel shafts, the Israel Defense Forces disclosed as the brigade was withdrawn from

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Israeli forces uncover tunnel rigged With explosives in Jenin Refugee Camp

Middle East | January 29, 2024 7:53:53 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], January 29 (ANI/TPS): Israeli security forces uncovered a tunnel shaft rigged with explosive charges in the Jenin refugee camp as 19 Palestinians were arrested in counterterror oper

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Israeli military destroys Gaza tunnel right near border

Middle East | January 25, 2024 12:22:52 AM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], January 24 (ANI/TPS): The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) reported that last week the Battlegroup (combined infantry and armored forces) from its 646th Reserve Paratrooper Brigade, whic

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Spokesman clarifies claim UN was unaware of Hamas tunnels

Middle East | January 21, 2024 4:55:43 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], January 21 (ANI/TPS): After coming under fire for claiming that the United Nations had no knowledge of Hamas' tunnel system in the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for the global body's chie

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UN: No indication Hamas was building elaborate tunnel system

Middle East | January 18, 2024 3:53:29 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], January 18 (ANI/TPS): Despite the presence of a Hamas terror tunnel system in the Gaza Strip now thought to be larger in scale than the London Underground, the United Nations insist

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Israeli intelligence: Hamas spent 'tens of millions' on Gaza terror tunnels

Middle East | January 12, 2024 9:52:05 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], January 12 (ANI/TPS): Hamas spent tens of millions of dollars, which were intended for the Gaza Strip, building underground terrorist infrastructure, the Israel Defence Forces said

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Israeli forces destroy tunnels under Gaza's Shifa Hospital

Middle East | January 4, 2024 1:51:30 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], January 4 (ANI/TPS): Israeli combat engineers have destroyed a significant tunnel route below Gaza's largest hospital, the Israel Defense Forces said on Wednesday evening.

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Israeli forces find tunnel shaft in Gaza school with photos of weapons for children

Tel Aviv | January 3, 2024 9:20:59 PM IST

Israeli soldiers in Gaza discovered a tunnel shaft located inside a school, the Israel Defence Forces said on Wednesday.

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65 million digital files, half-million documents: The intelligence exposing Hamas tunnels

Middle East | December 29, 2023 1:50:56 PM IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], December 29 (ANI/TPS): The Israeli search for terror tunnels is being aided by a trove of intelligence seized by soldiers, namely 65 million digital files and a half-million physica

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