Tajikistan only Afghan neighbour openly taking tough stand against Taliban

New Delhi |Friday, 2021 3:15:06 AM IST

Tajikistan is the only neighbouring country of Afghanistan which is emerging as the toughest critic of the Taliban.

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Taliban hunt if Bactrian Treasure has been moved out of Afghanistan

New Delhi |Friday, 2021 4:45:05 AM IST

The Ministry of Information and Culture of the caretaker Taliban government in Afghanistan said on Thursday that it has begun efforts to track and locate the Bactrian Treasure.

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Finally, the Taliban are on the receiving end

London |Friday, 2021 4:45:06 PM IST

As missiles came raining down on Kabul during the early afternoon of September 16, it sent a disturbing message across the world that not all jihadis are on the same page when it comes to establishing

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Special UN envoy meets Taliban officials in Kabul

Kabul |Friday, 2021 2:45:06 PM IST

Special UN envoy Deborah Lyons met Taliban officials in Kabul to discuss the importance of humanitarian assistance for the people in the war-torn nation, the world body's mission in Afghanistan announ

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Pak rupee under pressure since Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

New Delhi |Thursday, 2021 1:45:06 AM IST

The Pakistani rupee has hit a new all-time low as some analysts see the regime change in Afghanistan weighing on the rupee as well, apart from domestic factors, The News reported.

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Royal snub to Pakistan's drive for Taliban recognition

Kabul/New Delhi |Thursday, 2021 8:45:06 PM IST

Rhapsodising over the takeover of Afghanistan by medieval marauders, Pakistan has begun a hectic diplomacy campaign to seek recognition for the government in Kabul. And, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood

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Ghani's abrupt exit scuttled Taliban power sharing deal: US envoy

New Delhi |Thursday, 2021 6:45:06 PM IST

The US negotiator on Afghanistan has said that former President Ashraf Ghani's abrupt exit scuttled a deal for the Taliban to hold off entering Kabul and negotiate a political transition, The Guardian

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Taliban want aid to be handed over to them for distribution in Afghanistan

Kabul |Thursday, 2021 3:15:05 AM IST

As the world organisations start pooling in with humanitarian aid to prevent the foreseen major humanitarian crisis looming over Afghanistan, the Taliban leadership has said that aid supplies landing

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Taliban army chief says those who defend democracy will be suppressed

New Delhi |Thursday, 2021 2:15:05 AM IST

The Chief of Army Staff of the Taliban, Fasihudin, has said that those who defend democracy in Afghanistan and oppose the Taliban will be suppressed.

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Taliban remind US of its promise to de-list its leaders from terror lists

Kabul |Thursday, 2021 2:45:05 AM IST

The Taliban-led interim government in Afghanistan has reminded the US and the western world of the promises that the US made for de-listing its top leadership from global sanctions and terror lists, a

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Taliban hands over seized cash, gold to Afghan central bank

Kabul |Thursday, 2021 4:45:06 PM IST

The Taliban has handed over about $12.3 million cash and some gold to Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the country's central bank, a statement said on Thursday.

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Afghans long for better life as Taliban manages to run country

Kabul |Thursday, 2021 4:15:05 PM IST

While the security situation in Afghanistan has remained stable since the Taliban takeover in August, the country is now facing economic and humanitarian challenges, with its people longing for a bett

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