Biden to host PM Modi during his US visit on June 22

New Delhi |Thursday, 2023 1:15:09 AM IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be hosted by US President Joe Biden during his state visit to the country on June 22, which will "affirm the deep and close partnership between the United States and

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Biden's popularity shot up in India in 2022

Washington |Wednesday, 2023 1:15:09 AM IST

The approval of US leadership in the second year of President Joe Biden's term shot up by double digits in India in 2022 -- the year the Indian government came under considerable pressure from the US

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Biden may limit investment in China by American businesses

New Delhi |Tuesday, 2023 1:15:10 AM IST

The Joe Biden administration in the US is reportedly about to announce new restrictions on US companies investments in China, noted analyst Christopher Wood of Jefferies said in a research note.

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Biden announces 2024 re-election bid, with Harris as running mate (2nd Lead)

Washington |Wednesday, 2023 2:15:10 AM IST

US President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday he is seeking a second term, with Vice-President Kamala Harris as his running mate once again.

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Biden's loan forgiveness programme in danger of being shelved by GOP

Washington |Friday, 2023 3:45:09 AM IST

US President Joe Bidens decree to forego loans under the government-funded PELTs scheme is in danger of being shelved by the GOP as Speaker Kevin McCarthy backed by the Republican members introduced a

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Biden plans to run for a second term, but not announcing it yet

Washington |Tuesday, 2023 2:15:09 AM IST

US President Joe Biden has once agains teased a run for a second term but stopped short of announcing it.

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Haley slams Biden for hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

Washington |Monday, 2023 4:15:09 AM IST

Nikki Haley, former Republican UN Ambassador of US who has announced her 2024 presidential run, has denounced President Joe Biden's hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and shifting th

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Biden's $6.8 tn Budget faces hurdles in Congress as it proposes higher taxes on big biz

Washington |Sunday, 2023 2:15:08 AM IST

US President Joe Biden's $6.8 trillion budget is unlikely to pass muster in the Republican-dominated House of Representatives as it proposes higher taxes on big businesses and the rich and elite, even

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US bank shares tumble despite Biden insisting system is safe

New York |Tuesday, 2023 4:15:08 AM IST

US President Joe Biden's words of reassurance on Monday have done little to calm markets as "worries raced around that other smaller US banks could become the latest dominos to fall", as per an expert

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Biden vows to fire SVB management but protect depositors post collapse (Ld)

Washington |Tuesday, 2023 2:45:09 AM IST

US President Joe Biden on Monday calmed an alarmed nation over the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse vowing to protect depositors' monies, fire the bank management, but declared investors would not b

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'Banking system is safe': Biden reassures markets, people

Washington |Tuesday, 2023 1:15:09 AM IST

US President Joe Biden on Monday attempted to reassure Americans that the banking system will hold up, media reports said.

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Biden to unveil tax hikes on wealthy Americans, corporations

Washington |Friday, 2023 3:15:10 AM IST

US President Joe Biden will make a renewed push to overhaul the nation's tax code and dramatically raise the rates paid by corporations and wealthy Americans, the media reported.

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