South Korea's '2021 Diplomatic White Paper' describes Japan as closest neighbour

Asia | December 7, 2021 9:50:07 AM IST

Seoul [South Korea], December 7 (ANI/Global Economic): South Korea's Foreign ministry described Japan as the closest neighbour in the '2021 Diplomatic White Paper,' which detailed South Korea's intern

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France to close nightclubs for 4 weeks from December 10

Europe | December 7, 2021 2:49:04 AM IST

Paris [France], December 7 (ANI/Sputnik): Nightclubs in France will be closed for four weeks starting December 10 amid the expected fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, French Prime Minister Jean Cast

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France announces new anti-Covid measures

Paris |Tuesday, 2021 3:15:08 PM IST

Amid the ongoing fifth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the French government has announced new measures in an attempt to curb the rising number of confirmed cases in the country.

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Colombia to ban entry for those not vaccinated against COVID-19: President

Others | December 7, 2021 11:50:46 AM IST

"Based on a recommendation of the Colombian Health Ministry's advisory committee, effective December 14, all international travellers aged 18 and over entering Colombia must present a COVID-19 vaccina

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Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong to visit the UAE

Asia | December 7, 2021 10:49:29 AM IST

Seoul [South Korea], December 7 (ANI/Global Economic): Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong will have a business trip to the Middle East, including the UAE.

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China attempting to build military base on the Atlantic Ocean

New Delhi |Tuesday, 2021 1:15:08 AM IST

China is attempting to woo Equatorial Guinea into allowing them to build a military base off their coast, according to a report - a move which would give Beijing a foothold in the Atlantic, and deeply

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Barbados PM named UN's 2021 Champions of Earth

Nairobi |Tuesday, 2021 3:45:08 PM IST

Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados was among those chosen by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) as its 2021 Champions of the Earth -- the world body's highest environmental honour.

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BTS to take long vacation to spend time with family

Asia | December 7, 2021 10:49:16 AM IST

Seoul [South Korea], December 7 (ANI/Global Economic): Some members of K-pop supergroup BTS returned to Incheon International Airport on December 6 after the world tour concert in Los Angeles.

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Omicron infected people not permitted to leave South Africa: Embassy

Europe | December 7, 2021 4:20:38 PM IST

Moscow [Russia], December 7 (ANI/Sputnik): People infected with the Omicron COVID-19 variant are not permitted to leave South Africa, the country's embassy in Moscow old Sputnik on Tuesday.

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Moon calls for 'greater efforts' to prevent Omicron spread

Seoul |Tuesday, 2021 4:45:08 PM IST

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday instructed aides to make greater efforts to prevent the spread of the Omicron Covid-19 variant, urging more people to get booster shots as the nation is s

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S.Korea added largest number of job positions in 2020

Seoul |Tuesday, 2021 4:45:08 PM IST

South Korea added the largest number of job positions last year due to an increase in employment in the health, social welfare service and public administration sectors amid rapid aging, data revealed

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At least 48 people killed in tribal conflict in Sudan's Darfur region

Others | December 7, 2021 3:49:54 AM IST

Khartoum [Sudan], December 7 (ANI/Xinhua): At least 48 people were killed in a tribal conflict in Sudan's West Darfur state, the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, a non-governmental organization,

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