99.5 pc of aid trucks sent to Gaza cleared for entry after Israeli security checks

Middle East | April 17, 2024 12:29:21 AM IST
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Tel Aviv [Israel], April 16 (ANI/TPS): The Israeli agency COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories: Judea and Samaria and towards the Gaza Strip) reported that out of 5,000 aid trucks sent to Gaza in the last month, more than 99.5 per cent were cleared for entry after inspection by Israeli authorities.

"This is Israel's role in the aid operation - we inspect the aid to make sure it isn't carrying items that can be used by Hamas for terrorism, and we do it efficiently," said the agency.

COGAT added that 126 aid trucks were transferred to northern Gaza overnight and that two bakeries are operational in northern Gaza following coordination, supplying over 800,000 pita breads for the local population.

Also, 72 pallets containing tens of thousands of packages of aid were airdropped into northern Gaza Monday, April 15. In addition, 4 tankers of cooking gas and 3 tankers of fuel designated for the operation of essential infrastructure in Gaza and 9 trucks with medical aid were transferred to the Emirati Field Hospital in Gaza on Sunday too.

And 3,204 injured and sick individuals together with 725 escorts have been evacuated from the strip since the fighting began on October 8, 2023. (ANI/TPS)