'Birds of Goodness' executes 31st airdrop on northern Gaza, delivering humanitarian aid, Eid clothing on 2nd day of Eid Al Fitr

Middle East | April 12, 2024 4:29:06 PM IST
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Abu Dhabi [UAE], April 12 (ANI/WAM): The Joint Operations Command of the Ministry of Defence announced the successful completion of the 31st "Birds of Goodness" airdrop operation, delivering 81 tonnes of humanitarian aid and Eid clothing to northern Gaza.

Two C17 aircraft belonging to the UAE Air Force and two C295 aircraft belonging to the Egyptian Air Force participated in the airdrop operation.

The airdropped supplies encompassed essential food items alongside special Eid clothing parcels for families. These parcels contained clothes, toys, sweets, and various products for all family members. The mission aimed to address the needs of the Palestinian people in Gaza during Eid al-Fitr, fostering hope and joy while alleviating their hardships.

The operation targeted isolated areas in northern Gaza that are difficult to access by land. The total amount of aid delivered since the launch of "Birds of Goodness" has reached 1938 tonnes of food and relief supplies.

This brings the total amount of aid sent by the UAE to northern Gaza to over 2308 tonnes, including both land shipments through the Karam Abu Salem crossing and airdrops via "Birds of Goodness."

The "Birds of Goodness" campaign is part of Operation "Chivalrous Knight 3" to support the Palestinian people in Gaza. (ANI/WAM)