COP28 is about empowering human capital, uniting diverse stakeholders: Chief of Staff at EIT Food

Middle East | December 11, 2023 3:50:14 PM IST
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Abu Dhabi [UAE], December 11 (ANI/WAM): The COP28 Presidency designated a dedicated day to focus on the crucial role of food, agriculture, and water systems in addressing climate change, a major step forward, according to Lucy Wallace, Chief of Staff at EIT Food and lead for the secretariat of the Food Systems Pavilion at COP28.

Speaking to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on the Food, Agriculture and Water Day at COP28, Wallace highlighted the significance of this dedicated day, noting that over 200 events across the entire COP28 are focused on these vital sectors. She emphasised that this represents a major step forward in global recognition of the critical role food, agriculture, and water systems play in climate action.

"This dedicated day will have a profound impact on how these interconnected issues are discussed and addressed by diverse stakeholders," Wallace stated.

The Food Systems Pavilion, Wallace explained, holds a particularly crucial position within COP28, marking the first year that food has been officially recognised and integrated into the COP Presidency agenda. She further elaborated on the collaborative nature of the Pavilion, stating, "We have joined forces with other food-related pavilions within COP, creating a dedicated area to showcase collaborative efforts and drive real change."

Wallace noted the evolving perspective on food systems, shifting from solely viewing them as a source of climate impact to recognising their immense potential in mitigating climate challenges. "Food systems hold the key to tackling the significant climate issues we face globally," she explained.

"By bringing people together across the entire food value chain, from diverse countries, regions, and backgrounds, we can foster collaboration and take meaningful action," Wallace concluded.

"COP28 is about empowering human capital and uniting diverse stakeholders for collective action, and the Food Systems Pavilion is a testament to this commitment." (ANI/WAM)