COP28's Media Centre offers integrated services on 4,000 square metres

Middle East | December 9, 2023 4:51:02 PM IST
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Dubai [UAE], December 9 (ANI/WAM): The Media Centre in COP28 Green Zone spans an area of approximately 4,000 square metres distributed over four floors within a sustainable building, providing all necessary facilities to enable journalists to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Ahmed Al Hosani, Director of the Media Centre in the Green Zone, highlighted that the centre is offering comprehensive support to media representatives from across the globe.

From media accreditation applications to covering various stages of COP28 events, the aim is to ensure the efficiency of diverse media outlets, spanning print, audio, visual, digital platforms, and social media.

Al Hosani emphasised that the Media Centre embraces sustainability by eschewing paper printing and opting for an electronic platform. This platform facilitates requests for press interviews, studio reservations, conference room bookings, workshops, seminars, and diverse filming permits.

The platform also incorporates a response and interaction service, leveraging artificial intelligence technology. Media accreditation requests and reservations for television broadcasting studios can also be seamlessly processed through this digital hub.

He added that the centre's digital services play a crucial role in fostering direct and swift communication with media outlets covering COP28 globally, as COP28 is witnessing a surge in interest, both in terms of attendees and significant media coverage.

Highlighting the commitment to sustaining media momentum, Al Hosani noted that the Media Centre will continue to provide services to journalists until December 12.

The centre's features include studios catering to the needs of television and radio stations, spaces for journalists to utilise their equipment, and dedicated areas for audio and visual content production, podcasting, editing, filming, recording interviews, meeting rooms, and workspaces. Additionally, the centre provides designated spaces for media institutions looking to establish temporary newsrooms during the event.

The Media Centre includes a club for the Climate Ambassadors Programme, targeting content creators and social media influencers. It also offers services from relevant government entities, such as applying for equipment and filming permits within the country. (ANI/WAM)