2,100 terrorists arrested in areas outside of Gaza since start of war

Middle East | December 2, 2023 3:51:16 PM IST
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Tel Aviv [Israel], December 2 (ANI/TPS): The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) reported that its forces, in coordination with the Shin Bet (Israel's anti-terror Genereal Security Service) and Border Police, arrested 15 wanted terrorists throughout Judea and Samaria overnight.

The forces also confiscated 5,000 shekels in cash (USD 1,350) intended for funding terrorism, M-16 rifles, incendiary materials and dozens of illegal vehicles.

Since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, Israeli security forces have captured about 2,100 wanted terrorists throughout the Judea and Samaria regions and the Jordan Valley region, about 1,100 of whom are associated with the terrorist organisation Hamas. (ANI/TPS)