Israeli military releases map of evacuation zones for civilians in Gaza

Middle East | December 2, 2023 12:20:28 AM IST
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Tel Aviv [Israel], December 1 (ANI/TPS): Now that the "Pause" in fighting for the release of hostages has ended after six days, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) stipulated that the movement of the civilian population in Gaza will be conducted for its protection in the next phase of the war and released a map of the evacuation zones for civilians in the Gaza Strip.

It separated Gaza into zones in order to enable the residents of Gaza to find their way around and understand the instructions and to evacuate from specific places if required to maintain their safety.

The interactive map was published online and shows the areas in the north and south of the Gaza Strip, calling on residents to locate the area relevant to them and to act if they are asked to evacuate from it.

The terrorist organization Hamas uses the residents of the Gaza Strip as a human shield, placing the headquarters and military infrastructure in residential areas, hospitals, mosques and schools, and turns civilian sites into military targets using civilians and civilian facilities as human shields.

The IDF said that since the beginning of the war it has taken various measures to avoid harming civilian lives. Among other things, the IDF sends messages and proclamations to the residents of Gaza instructing them to evacuate specific areas that are a target for terrorist activity, and directs them to evacuate in relevant directions. (ANI/TPS)