Gangster demands Rs 50 lakh from railway official in Bihar's Nawada

Patna |Wednesday, 2023 1:45:09 AM IST
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Gangster Makhan Dada has served an extortion demand of Rs 50 lakh on the Superintendent of the railway station in Bihar's Nawada and threatened to eliminate him and the railway gate operator if it was not paid, officials said on Tuesday.

In a letter in Hindi to the official, the gangster said: "Savinay nivedan hai ki Rs 50 lakh rangdari diya jaye, nahi to Bade Babu and gateman ko goli maar di jayegi (You are kindly requested to pay Rs 50 lakh as extortion or the senior official (station manager) and the gateman will be shot dead)."

He asked the Superintendent to come with the money to Tilaiya bridge.

Following that letter, the railway official filed an application with the GRP, the RPF and district police to take action against Makhan Dada.

The district police said that they are investigating how the letter reached the Superintendent's office. Meanwhile, both railway men are under fear after the threat.

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