Regular University Degree in Blended Education Mode:The NSHMWay!

Business | September 15, 2021 7:46:06 PM IST
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New Delhi [India], September 15 (ANI/Mediawire): No wonder there is a mist between the present and the near future, but the mist has to eventually give way to sunshine. And, a right blending of the mist and sun can make a rainbow. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the teaching, learning and assessments became online, which for many has been misty or unclear at the beginning. Simultaneously, the visuals of the immediate future of work and life has turned hazy. Therefore, the craving for physical spaces is much like the sunshine after a prolonged phase of mist. The craving eventually led to a beautiful thing-the blending of the offline with online education, right like never before,and thereby inviting the rainbow of Blended Education (BL).

Such instance of right blending can be seen in the past; with computer and communication that 'invited' IT, also the raison d'etre for BL. The beauty of BL lies in its anytime-anywhere capability,self-chosen competencies and multi-modal capacity to exchange, evaluate, express, and experiment teaching and learning in live face-to-face. It also allows extension of learning later with post-produced value additions. Moreover, it makes room for flexible and dynamic routines to accommodate international time zones and instructional diversity.

Businessestodayareworkingnon-stop for crazier disruptions in the zest to offer new solutions. Well, they also germinate new problems. And, problems or failures make the seeds for education and research. In the words of Einstein and Edison, "Success is a failure in progress" and"I will find the way that will work". Arguably,in the digital natives perspective,such seeds create the right diversity in the ecosystem of education where they can thrive in BL spaces. They witness new situations, new challenges, new skills, and new choices in their yardstick of progress. They want their kind of education to be progressive and adaptive to their aspirations aligned to their choices. According to Nathan Wei Chen, a 3-time world champion figure skater, and himself a digital native, "It is crazy how fast time flies and how things progress". Herecrazywould imply the blend of fantastic and fuzzy.

A recent study on the skills of the future by the World Economic Forum made it clear that the world is changing - and some jobs are changing faster than others. According to the latest research, soon we'll only be as good as the skills we possess. In this regard, BL will have an active role in transforming traditional education with suited technologies, choice-based extended learning; space;and pacet of oster and sustain a thriving ecosystem for learners.

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