Afghan students at LU worry about families, future

Lucknow |Wednesday, 2021 4:15:06 PM IST
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The 60 odd Afghan students, enrolled in various courses in Lucknow University (LU), have turned into a bundle of nerves, worrying about the safety of their families back home.

Jawad Majeedy, a 27-year-old Afghan national, studying in Lucknow University, said, "Just when we thought that normalcy was returning to Afghanistan and we could breathe easy, we have been plunged into uncertainty again."

Majeedy has been talking to his relatives in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan that fell to the Taliban on Monday.

"I had warned my brother and sister living in Kabul to take measures for their safety and had pleaded with them to leave. Now I am unable to contact them since Sunday and I do not know where they are," he said.

Another student, who did not wish to be named, said he had spoken to his father last week and the latter had told him not to ever return to Afghanistan.

"My father somehow felt that Taliban would return to Afghanistan one day and he sent me here to study because Taliban is against education. They only understand the language of guns and will execute us if they come to know about us," he said.

Some of these students are in touch with those who have escaped from Afghanistan and are presently in Delhi.

Majeedy said, "I know about 300 people who have sold their belongings and fled Afghanistan with no hopes of returning. We try to get them places to stay in Delhi at cheaper rates and help them in getting assistance from the Indian government. We also hope to get some news about our relatives from them."

The students have informed the university administration about their concerns and officials have assured the students of all possible help while they stay here.

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